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Review: Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan

Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan
Rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

I hate and love this book. There were parts that totally got me swooning and there were those that made me wanna throw up the book and curse. So here, I'll just enumerate the things I love and hate about this book.

1.The plot. It was interesting. With all the struggles, abuse and loss I was curious on how Emma would survive everything.
2. Sara. Emma's best friend. I so love her! Even though she's the most popular girl in school I saw how much she cares and loves Emma. They were the opposites but she's been really kind to her and it was genuine. I love that she cried when she saw Emma's bruises, I love her when she dresses Emma and run a make-over, I love her that she gave Emma a phone just so she could check her out if she's okay. She's a lovely character.
3. Evan. Totally. LOL. Of course I love him! Who would not? He's the kind of guy you would really want to date. The perfect one. Really. Haha. Everything he did was so real and genuine. Absolutely swooning. And definitely...fictional. :/ But still, he's a really wonderful character.
4. Vivien. Evan's mom. I love her because she loves and cares for Emma. LOL. :DD
5. The last part before the ending. It was one of the happiest parts. And Evan's birthdaaayyy~! >:DD 

1. The story is effin' long. And I think some parts were a little irrelevant.
2. I just don't get why Emma doesn't want to report her aunt and that she needs to protect her cousins and that it would be worse if she did that. Well, at first I understand her. She knows what it feels to not to have a parent and she really love her cousins. But as the abuse grew I totally hate that she keeps on thinking like that. I know she's scared but...ughhh. That was way too much. It was really frustrating.
3. The Drew phase. I was so annoyed at this part, when Emma dated Drew. She dated Drew but before that she cannot date Evan? This phase was a bit long that I start to consider dropping the book. I sort of don't understand the essence.

Hate and Love:
1. Emma. I adore her but sometimes she's just seriously frustrating and annoying. I love her for she cares so much for her love ones. But I hate her for being so selfless. She was a wonderful character but sometimes I don't get her decisions.
2. The ending. It was heartwarming and heart breaking at the same time. I don't know really if I liked how it ended. What I love about the ending was that those few paragraphs of the epilogue was able to contain a great amount of emotion, and well, it was like a sucker punch. I get a bit teary at that part. Those paragraphs was able to cover up what Emma had been feeling throughout the story. However it was still heart breaking and disappointing. If I haven't checked if there's a sequel I would really think Emma died in the ending. I figured out the author wanted the story to be open-ended, to make the reader make their own conclusion. But I think that kind of ending does not fit for a realistic kind of novel. I've read books and watched movies which endings are open-ended, without definite conclusion, but most of it are mystery, paranormal or super naturals. Well, that's what I think. But its a relief to know that there would be a sequel. :))

So all in all, 3.75 of 5 stars for this book. Looking forward for the next book. :))  

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  1. i loved this book so much, it had so much meaning to me especially as i know someone personally who is abused. I think that emma didnt report her aunt because she felt obliged to be good to the aunt and uncle who had taken her in, and the fact that family is family you dont get to pick and choose. And even though her aunt and uncle are so awful to her she still loves them, kind of unconditionally, more likely not her aunt but the rest of


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