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Review: Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

Title: Glitch
Author: Heather Anastasiu
Publication Date: August 7th 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Read synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

Glitch is a very interesting and fascinating novel. I wasn't really into dystopian novel which are about, uh, how am I going to describe it? robot-like people? cyborg? computer chips and stuffs? Something like that, you get it right? Like Skinned or Cinder (Although I heard really a lot of good things about the latter and am planning to read it soon). Themes like that just don't appeal on me that much. But when I saw this on my friend's blog's WoW, I find it really interesting and appealing. I had it high on my to-read list and when I say it was up in Netgalley I requested it right away.

I tried not to have so many expectations on this book (my tendency of dropping some books unfinished was pretty high lately) but I was pretty excited when I started it. And well, thank goodness because it did not disappoint! I wouldn't say it was perfect, I actually have some little issues on some stuffs but I can overlook most of it because the overall was good and I really enjoyed it.

I was happy that the story starts when Zoe already started glitching. I was afraid I would get bored if she hasn't yet and would only describe their utopia society on a perspective of someone who believe and trust everything in that world. It had been more endearing since when it started, although confused, she was already questioning stuffs, how their society works, which should be right or wrong. Things escalate pretty fast on the first thirds which was good since it's already giving you the hype for starters. The attraction between Zoe and Adrien went fast too than what I expected, I know this might not appeal on most readers, especially to someone like me who's always complaining about insta-love. It wasn't really that insta-love though because on the following parts there were some unfavorable circumstances that happened that affected the romantic aspect that it kind of almost took away what had been there first however I find it good because it also enable the attraction between the two and their relationship to develop in a more natural and profound way.

Other stuffs that I like was the paranormal stuff - their X-men-like abilities. It was that aspect that definitely attracted me to read this. Although I think there were something that's lacking on that part that made me not so enthused as I was to Shatter Me and Hunting Lila. But I'm still looking forward for more of it on the following books and hopefully it would be really good.

The characters were great. I like Zoe and I understand her confusions and struggles, I mean it was really terrifying to live in a society where people live mechanically, no feelings, no emotions, no compassion. Then suddenly you would wake up and feel every kinds of emotions. So even when Zoe was having difficulties in making her choices and actions I didn't get really frustrated at her. She was an admirable character and I like how her character developed through out the story, how she cares and thinks for everyone, how she faced conflicts and problems and how she discover feelings and emotions and how she dealt with it.

Adrien was a very compassionate and likable character. He used his ability to help people even though it was so very risky and dangerous. He's very genuine and caring. Uh, I really don't know what else to say about him but he's fairly an interesting character. Oh yeah, I love it how he explained and described feelings and emotions to Zoe.

I haven't read dystopia novels lately and it's really great to find a good one after a long break. The overall feeling of this book was somewhat like Delirium and Divergent(I'm not really making your hopes high and some might not agree with me but that's how I find it. Haha!). All in all, it was an entertaining and engaging read. And I'm definitely looking forward reading the whole series.

Thanks Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for providing an advance copy! :)

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Cover Reveal: Losing Lila (Lila #2) by Sarah Alderson

Losing Lila (Lila #2)
by Sarah Alderson
August 2nd 2012

Alex and Lila are on the run, desperately trying to stay one step ahead of the Unit, which somehow is managing to track their every move. Whilst Alex is determined to keep Lila safe and her ability secret at any cost, Lila’s only thought is of finding a way back to California so that she can rescue her brother and mother from the military base where they’re being held.

Struggling to control both her growing power and her deepening feelings for Alex, Lila decides the time has finally come to stop running and start fighting. Together with Alex, Demos, and the people she’s come to think of as family, Lila plans not just to save her brother and mother, but to completely destroy the Unit and everything it stands for.

But the plan requires Lila to return alone to California, make friends with the enemy, and to risk losing everything - Alex, her family, and even her life.

This book is definitely one of my most anticipated sequels this year! And look at the cover! Lila's so pretty (even though I can't really see her face. Ha!). Seeing the cover makes me more excited! I can't wait to read this book! To those who haven't read Hunting Lila I so highly recommend it. It's awesome and you'll absolutely swoon over Alex. lol!

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Totally Outrageous Preloved Giveaways at The Midnight Garden!

Hi guys! So you see, The Midnight Garden is hosting a "Totally Outrageous Preloved Giveaway"  and I'd be really happy to also share it to you guys. (Because I'd be gaining 10 entries if I share this and I so badly want to win this. lol!) 

In celebration of Shirley Marr's birthday last April 18 she is offering us a present! Along with 1 autographed copy of her new book, Shirley is offering one lucky winner a beautiful sterling silver locket necklace similar to the one that plays such an important role in the book.

Grand Prize - 1 autographed copy of Preloved by Shirley Marr, plus a beautiful necklace worth $100 AUD 

Necklace specs: solid sterling silver locket with sterling silver chain, 18mm length. Vintage inspired, but new. Is not haunted, Does not contain a ghost inside. 80s ghost sold separately, you will need to get your own.

Shirley says: "Also, I'm going to write a secret message and tuck it inside. It could be anything. It could be the name of my next novel, it could be what it's about. It could possibly be ANYTHING!"

Two Additional Prizes - Copies of Preloved

To enter, go to The Midnight Garden's "Totally Outrageous Preloved Giveaways!" post  and simply fill out the rafflecopter! Giveaway is open internationally, so enter now for your chance to win! Good luck :))

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That Wedding Giveaway Winner

Hi guys! Thanks to all those who joined the giveaway to win a copy of Jillian Dodd's That Wedding. And our winner is... 

  Abigail J. 

Yay! Congratulations Abi! Check out your email for further information! :)) Good day! ^^

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Waiting on Wednesday (#14)

"Waiting on Wednesday" is a weekly event hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, that spotlight upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" is..

by Talia Vance
Expected Publication: September 8th 2012

Beauty is pointless when no one's looking.

Brianna Paxton has been invisible to guys since the eighth grade. She’s pretty enough, it’s just that no one bothers to look. There’s almost nothing that can’t be explained with science, and Brianna has a theory: she’s missing the pheromone that attracts people to one another. Brianna’s theory is shot to hell in one frozen, silver moment, when time stops and Blake Williams not only sees her, he recognizes something inside her that she’s been hiding from even herself.

Before Brianna fully understands who and what she is, she accidentally binds her soul to Blake. Forced to find a way to reconcile forbidden love and her bloody heritage, Brianna discovers that there's nothing pointless about her, and Blake may be in the most danger of all.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Black Heart (Curse Workers #3) by Holly Black

Title: Black Heart (Curse Workers #3)
Author: Holly Black
Publication Date: April 10th 2012
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Read Synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 5 stars!

Call me bias or whatever but I gotta give my baby a 5-star! lol! 

Oh boy, I gave this book a 5-star rating but it's like I don't have anything to say! Ha! -- the rating speaks it all! lol! Alright, alright. I'll try to say as much as I can...

First of all, I'd like to say that I found this series really wonderful and unique. The world-building was awesome, the characters were charming and fantastic, the twist and mysteries were impressive and clever - with those all I can say is that I loved every bit of it. I am a little sad to part ways with this series and I would definitely miss Cassel, Lila, Sam, Daneca and Barron! But I am also very satisfied and happy to see the conclusion of this story. 

For some reason I feel like I've been with them for real and experienced too all those crazy things and stuffs and it was just relieving, you know, to see these characters, especially Cassel and Lila, to finally have things their way. Cassel's struggling with issues with his family, friends, love life and himself was poignant and I found myself repeatedly saying "Oh, Cassel" and I just wanna hug him. His voice was very endearing and it wouldn't help you but relate to him. 

The love story definitely had me. It was sweet or rather I say, cute? lol! I don't know, I just love how it was wrapped up. It wasn't overly mushy and sappy but it was definitely swooning. It was great and I'm glad they can finally be together. 

The ending was absolutely great. I love how Holly Black ended it in a way that was a bit open, she didn't pointedly tell who's bad and who's good and that leaves the reader to think which is Cassel. But what I guess, the story was telling was it's all about figuring oneself and making the right choices. It's not really whether your bad or good but whether your choosing the thing that would make it right for your self. 

This is one of the series that will always remain in my heart. I highly recommend this 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Author Interview and Giveaway: Jillian Dodd (Author of That Boy and That Wedding)

Hi guys! Today, I have the pleasure to share you an interview of Jillian Dodd, author of That Boy and That Wedding! If you've read my recent posts you'd see that I really had a blast reading those two books . You can read my reviews for That Boy here and That Wedding here. And guess what?! Jill has kindly offered one lucky person to win a copy of That Wedding! Yay! And yeah, she even gave us a little background of her incoming series! Check out the interview and giveaway below!:))


1. What inspired you to write the story of Jadyn, Philip and Danny?

I was inspired by a few dreams that I had. The dreams were very vivid. Three of the scenes from That Boy were inspired by dreams. When Phillip and Jadyn visit Danny at college and play catch on the actual Nebraska field. About a week before I had actually gotten to run on the field myself. My son had a field trip to the museum on campus and they got to eat lunch and play on the field.  I also dreamed the party in the cornfield scene including the sad thing that happens after she leaves the party. I woke up crying. I also dreamed the engagement party after watching Peggy Sue Got Married. She was on stage at her high school reunion and is taken back to high school in her dream. The dreams were so vivid I started writing them down. Then I felt like I had to know the rest of the story. I kept writing and writing their story. When I had about 60% of the final book written, I let a few friends read it. They fell in love with the boys and thought I should publish it. I wrote the rest of it and did.

2. Which is your favorite character and/or the one you can relate to the most?

I relate the most to Jadyn because I was trying to tell the story from her perspective. She is a lot different from me, but I'd say we share the same sense of humor. 

3. Do you have a "Danny and Philip" in real life?

Phillip shares a lot of characteristics with my husband. Or maybe it's the way I feel about him and love him shows through in my writing. The things that Jadyn loves about Phillip like how he's always warm, how his neck always smells good, and how he rescues her are things I love about my husband. And Danny is a mix of people probably. I had a best guy friend in high school. He was always the last boy I talked to on the phone at night. He yelled at me when I was being dumb with boys. If we weren't dating anyone else, we'd kiss. He'd make me get up way too early to play racquetball with him. Then later in college, I had a different best guy friend. He dated tons of different girls, but after a year or so, he met THE ONE. She ended up being one of my best friends too. And he was the kind of guy I always got in trouble with. We still joke about the night we almost died in his boss's Porsche. (No, we weren't supposed to be driving it and yes, he was driving it too fast lost control and almost hit a tree. The car spun into the grass inches from the tree and we both looked at each other and said, Maybe this wasn't our best idea.) When you read the sequel, That Wedding, you will see more of how they are as couples. Their relationship is similar in how Phillip and Lori are very much alike and so are Danny and Jadyn.

4. How difficult was it to get your novel published? 

What obstacles did you face on your way?  Getting published is not easy. At least it wasn't for me. But I had no clue what I was doing. I'm sure the few query letters I sent to publishers and agents were quickly disregarded. Also my story doesn't fit in a traditional category. It has been popular in YA, but is really more of a crossover into Adult. My husband encouraged me to self publish after he read an article about it in The Wall Street Journal. And I'm so glad I did. I have control of my books and will continue to self publish.

5. What are you working on right now? Will there be more books coming from you in the future?  

Well, I just published the sequel to That Boy, That Wedding. There will be a third and final book in that series called That Baby which will probably be out late 2013. I also have written a few scenes for a book or novella about their kids grown up.

The project that I'm currently working on is a six book series called The Keatyn Chronicles. The cover reveal and name of the first book will be next month, but I can tell you a little about the series overall. Keatyn is the daughter of a famous actress. She's traveled all over the world being tutored while her mom made movies. She dreamed of going to a real high school. (She's watched High School Musical a million times!) She had two dreams about high school. She wanted to be the most popular girl and date the most popular guy. You meet her toward the end of her sophomore year and she has exactly what she dreamed of. Only now the reality isn't living up to her dream. She also crushes on a surfer boy who is not the kind of boy her friends think she should be interested in. She makes a wish on her 17th birthday that she could go somewhere where no one knew who she was (or more importantly, who her mom is) and make real friends. Friends that wouldn't like her because of her mom or her boyfriend. Oh, and did I mention that her mom has a long time fan that has recently turned into more of a stalker? And that he decides to stalk Keatyn instead? And that something bad happens? And she gets sent to boarding school and she has to pretend to be someone else? That she gets her wish? The series has a lot of characters and so many dreamy boys. The first book takes place mostly in her old life, then books 2-5 take place at the boarding school. It's really fun and I've had a ball getting to know Keatyn. I even have planned out all the outfits she wears on Polyvore. It's been great fun shopping with her!!

Thank you Jillian for giving me a time of your day for answering my questions! 


I know he's that boy. The boy I want to marry, my prince, my happily ever after. I feel like I'm living in a dreamy fairytale.

But then, Pastor starts asking questions I don’t know the answers to.
I have horrible wedding disaster dreams.
I can’t find a dress.
I have to manipulate him to get my way.
An old boyfriend asks me to run away and marry him.
My best friend tells me I'm going to ruin everything.
And forever is starting to sound like a really long time.

Which makes me start to wonder.

I wonder if best friends should get married.
I wonder if I'm settling.
I wonder if the fact that sex with him is so amazing that it’s clouding my judgment.
I wonder if it's just cold feet.
I wonder if marriage is all that fun.

And then I have to decide. Am I willing to give up on true love forever, or should I say, What the hell, and marry him anyway?

Giveaway is open internationally! Follow instructions in the rafflecopter below. Good luck! 

Review: That Wedding (That Boy #2) by Jillian Dodd

Title: That Wedding
Author: Jillian Dodd
Published: February 10th 2012
Read synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 3.5 stars

First of all I'd like to say that I really enjoyed this book, not as much as the first one though, but still I had fun reading this. However there were parts that just made me quite annoyed and frustrated and I think I just can't really overlook them this time - but maybe that could just be me. Ha! The book still did a very good job on showing the important aspects - especially marriage and what goes with it, struggles and conflicts couples face and overcoming past heartbreaks (Jaydyn's parents' death). 

I swoon a lot of times to Jadyn and Philip's relationship. It was cute, funny, and really sweet. Although I do think it was a bit unhealthy during the first parts but it definitely matured as the story went by. I understand Jadyn's struggles and confusion as she prepared for the wedding. But sometimes she pretty gets on my nerve. Haha! Her thoughts were pretty shallow most of the time and that just annoyed and frustrated me, especially during their counseling. But that doesn't mean I hate her. I, on the most part, feel sorry for her, I thought that if her parents were there she wouldn't be acting like that, she would have understand and face it better. But there was this one part that almost put me on edge! I almost pulled out my hair. And some of her past escapades kinda shocked me. But still, all went well. I was relieved, happy and touched when she finally realized what was wrong - how she thought that she handled her parents death well but in fact she did it terribly - and learned her lesson and what she has to do.

Jadyn, Philip and Danny's friendship was still very much highlighted in this story. And it was still really great and wonderful and I just loved how it was. And I found myself jealous of Jadyn again for having such wonderful and loyal boys in her life. 

I also loved a lot of scenes in this book that made laughed so much! One was the "huge spider" scene! That was epic! It was just so funny and hilarious! Then the bachelors party, ah, I was grinning the entire time reading that part. And of course the wedding, it was wonderful and amazing though I think it was too extravagant, too perfect, but why not? Right? Favorite part of the wedding? When Danny and the boys danced! Haha! I can so much imagine them dancing the dougie, it would just looked so hot! lol! 

And yeah, I really enjoyed how thorough Jillian Dodd showed the wedding planning here. In fact while reading this I started to plan my own wedding too! Wahahaha! I actually felt excited even though I know it would happen years from now. I didn't actually thought of that but after reading this it just kinda feel nice to think about it. 

Overall, this was still a very good read! Funny, sweet and steamy with a very wonderful ending. I was thrilled when I learned there would be a third book, That Baby! Yay! I would definitely be looking forward to it! :))

Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: That Boy (That Boy #1) by Jillian Dodd

Title: That Boy
Author: Jillian Dodd
Published: May 16th 2011
Ready synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 5 stars! 

I've been eyeing this book for quite a long time but was a little reluctant to read it since, you see, it involved two boys. You know how I avoid love triangles because it definitely give me headaches and heartaches. And well, I'm scared I might fall for the wrong one and end up being disappointed. BUT all the reviews I see were quite contradicting what I was thinking, not one was actually complaining about a love triangle because, really now that I've read it, there wasn't actually any love triangle. And although ,as expected, I liked the other boy (Danny), I wasn't really disappointed. I didn't have a hard time appreciating the love story and I definitely enjoyed and swooned over how it ended. And that's what made this book really great. You can definitely enjoy both boys without getting disappointed. They both had their fair shares and it was awesome. With the way the story was told it was easy to accept and understand everything. It was definitely a well thought and written book about love, friendship and growing up. 

When I started reading it I wasn't caught up instantly. At one point I even asked myself what the readers loved about this book. I find JJ a bit whiny and naive and I didn't really loved her right away. Those were my first impressions but as the story progressed, as I saw JJ, Philip and Danny grew up, how they learned stuff and experience new things, JJ eventually grew on me and I started to appreciate the story more. She's more like expressive than whiny and though sometimes she could be a little dumb, that's the thing that actually made her more adorable. Her relationship with Philip and Danny was really funny and cute! And to tell you the truth I was so freaking jealous of her! It was also very heartwarming to see how much those boys loved her and cared for her. I enjoyed every moments between them. It was just really wonderful. 

One thing I also really loved about this book was that it was fast-paced but still was able to show all the essential parts of their lives starting from their childhood. Well, I tried to do the math and I think the story has a span of 10 years, the first scene was when they were 12 years old and in the ending they were already 22. Right? Uh, not so sure but you see, it was great because you really see how they went to different phases in their lives and how their experiences formed their characters. And that made it easier for me to know and understand them better. It was great when you reached the ending and when you go back to some parts you'll say that wow, they really did grow! It was like you were also reminiscing the past like you were the one who experienced it and that would just made you smile. 

The ending definitely made me so happy! It was one of the sweetest and most heartwarming endings I'd ever read. It convinced me this is worthy of a 5-star rating. I applaud Jillian Dodd for making such an awesome story and wonderful characters. There were a lot of moments that made me really swoon, laugh so hard and warmed my heart. I highly recommend this! You're gonna love Danny and Philip! And JJ too, of course. It was a fun, sweet and very touching read! :))

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Waiting on Wednesday (#13)

"Waiting on Wednesday" is a weekly event hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, that spotlight upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" are..

by Rebecca Donovan
Expected Publication: May 1st 2012

Emma’s struggle with an abusive home life came to a heart pounding conclusion in the final chapters of Reason to Breathe. Now everyone in Weslyn knows Emma’s secret, but Carol can’t hurt Emma anymore. Some are still haunted by the horror of that night, and some must face the repercussions of their choices. Fans of Rebecca Donovan’s debut novel will discover there’s still much to learn about Emma’s life.

*Because the ending of the first book left me a little devastated I am happy to hear that the second book will be finally release next month! I just hope this will be better than the first one. The one kinda frustrated and annoyed me. Haha! But still, it was a pretty nice read.

by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Expected Publication: August 14th 2012

Being connected to Daemon Black sucks… 

Daemon’s determined to prove what he feels for me is more than a product of our bizarre connection. I’ve sworn him off even though he’s running more hot than cold these days. But against all common sense, I’m falling for him. Hard. 

Our relationship issues aren’t out biggest problem… 

The Department of Defense is here. If they ever find out what Daemon can do and that we’re linked, I’m a goner. So is he. And when a new boy shows up a school with a secret of his own, things get complicated fast. I need to choose between my own instincts and Daemon’s. 

But then everything changes… 

I’ve seen someone who shouldn’t be alive. Daemon’s never going to stop searching until gets the truth. What happened to his brother? Who betrayed him? And what does the DOD want from them—from me? 

No one is who they seem. And not everyone will survive the lies.

*I realized I haven't had Onyx on my WoW when actually it was the top one of my most anticipated book this year. LOL! I am definitely looking forward for this one. Actually not just looking forward, I am really obsessing over it. Gawd, those teasers Jennifer posted in her blog were just killers! I so miss Daemon and Katy! Hurry up August 14! :)

Review: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Title: The Immortal Rules
Author: Julie Kagawa
Release Date: April 24th 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Read synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 4.5 stars

If there is one thing I wanted in a book to remain traditional, it’s the concept about vampires. To be honest my impression about vampires where somewhat destroyed after the Twilight hype. So you see, I've only read very very few. But since this is Julie Kagawa we're talking here, I know I have to read this even though I was feeling some doubts since it's a vampire book. But after being devoured by her Iron Fey series, I trust she could give justice about our vampires and well, I was absolutely glad she did! She even stuck on its original and traditional concept of vampires - no fancy, sparkly stuffs but also added a very original and modern plot about it. It was an awesome work and I was definitely astounded. Julie Kagawa never disappoints! Finally found a very good vampire series that I'd surely be looking forward for more.

What this book has to offer: original concepts about vampires, original and engaging plot, Asian heroine, katana (yeah, this one absolutely), kick-ass fighting skills, gruesome scenes (that too!) and bad-ass heroes (Zeke and Kanin! Yay!). Wouldn't you just loved a book if it can offer you all those? Hell yeah! Although I would say that I wasn't instantly devoured, slowly and surely it did as it showed what awesome things it has to offer as the story progressed.

I'd be honest, I wasn't instantly attached to the book when I started reading it and I wasn't also to Allison. Until during the latter parts of the Part I, I wasn't that sure if I loved her character. Although I had enjoyed the turn of events, Allison grew just a bit slowly on me. But still I wouldn't deny that she was a kick-ass heroine! With that katana and awesome fighting skills to kill chiropterans - oh I mean, rabids and nasty vampires, of course, I still end up liking her. 

I love how Kagawa showed Allison's struggles after becoming a vampire and what a vampire really is, monsters that will always crave for human blood - no alternatives. So one way or another Allison has to drink on someone. Which made it very conflicting though I was glad she did it that way, she showed that that just how vampire had always been and Allison even though has a lot of very good intentions and had still clung on some of her humanity after being turned was not a goody goody prefect sparkly vampire. She's a monster and eventually would kill someone but could choose what type of monster she could become. I love it that Kagawa didn't gloss the bads about vampires but still was able to gave us something that we could hold on, that there's something we could still really like about them despite what the really were. And for that Kagawa made a very admirable heroine and also a wonderful story. 

It was pretty long though but everything went smoothly, gripping, exciting and thrilling. I definitely enjoyed the fighting scenes and yeah, those times with Kanin! As for the romance, well, what more can you expect from Julie Kagawa? Of course it was a really good one. I adore Zeke! He's an admirable character, he's a genuinely kind and takes very good care of everything. The romantic development was really good, not rush and definitely not an insta-love. I love how Allison and Zeke slowly learned and knew one another and saw the best and worst about them and eventually learning to care and trust each other. Although it was a bit sad it was really satisfying but of course I'd be expecting more in the next book. And yeah, more of Kanin too! 

Julie Kagawa never really fail to impress me. And I am once again stunned by one of her awesome masterpiece. Yes, I can say there were some parts I din't like but I am willing to overlook those because the overall of the story was absolutely great and the character are well, fantastic especially Kanin. LOL! It seems like I'm squeezing Kanin's name in every paragraph of this review, but well, I love him! I love Zeke too but it was Kanin who had me! Haha! Oh well, anyway, I would definitely recommend this. A stunning and wonderful read, absolutely! XD \

*Thanks to Harlequin Teen and Netgalley for providing an advance copy!  :))


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