About/Review Policy

Hi! This is Eunice and I run this blog. Book Overdose is a book blog that contains reviews of books I've read, news about recent book series, upcoming books, and authors. This blog is focused on Young-Adult genre including, Paranormal, Dystopia, Contemporary, Chick-lit, Urban fantasy and Realistic-fiction. Other reviews are also posted at my Goodreads or you can check them on my tumblr site under Book Review/Recommendation.

Review Policy:

I accept books in exchange for a fair and honest review. Since I am running a YA book blog I do prefer book that fall under the category. That includes Paranormal, Dystopia, Contemporary, Romance, and Realistic-fiction. I do not accept Adult novels, Erotica, Religious novel, and Non-fiction. I may be selective if the book is a Middle Grade title.

Please note that if I gave a book a negative review it doesn't mean that it really is a bad book. My reviews are purely my opinion and based on my own perspective.

I accept printed copies and electronic copies (most preferably pdf or epub). I do not have a Kindle or any ebook reader so I am forced to read ebooks on my computer which might take a little long to finish than the printed books.

I post my reviews at my tumblr, goodreads, and twitter.

Book blogging and writing reviews has been my hobby since I started getting interested in reading novels. I am not a professional book reviewer but you can expect a fair and honest insight of the books I review. :))


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