Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Eve by Anna Carey

Eve by Anna Carey
Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

After a plague that eat up most of the population of America girl orphans were brought to an exclusive school were they got educated and taken care of supposedly to make them ready for the trade in the City of Sand after they graduate. On the night before her graduation Eve discovered something about the school; what her school's purpose really is, what the students are for, and what will they be once they graduated. She then escaped her school and wander through the wilds to find Califia, the only place were she could be safe.

Eve was a nice character but not very much the exciting and fun one. She gets annoying at times and also naive, but with the way she was raised its kind of understandable. I like how she grew throughout the story, how she learned and realize things. Caleb is a really likable character. He's nice, genuine, and mature. He's smart and it nice to see how he cared for Eve. Though I kind of think that the developing feelings between Eve and Caleb was a bit rush.

Eve is an easy, light read especially for a dystopian novel. In this time of the world, girl orphans are taught to hate men, that they are dangerous, perilous and known to only take advantages to the opposite sex. When Eve escaped she met Caleb and a lot more of them and learned that what was taught to them were mostly untrue. The concept was a bit appalling but also interesting, the idea of girl being use just to sire babies, lots of babies was a bit disgusting but also made me curious. I was excited once Eve discovered it because, well, there goes the action and adventure. And also with the King wanting Eve to be the sire of his heir it became more stirring and thrilling. However sometimes there are parts of the book that are a bit dull. And there were less action that what I would have expected.

Nevertheless it was a good and enjoyable read. I can see potential from this book. And lets see if the second book can pull it off. :DD

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