Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review: The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey, #2) by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
Rating: 5 of 5 stars

And why are there only 5 stars here to rate? I can give this book a million stars! OH MY GOD. Now I’m obsessed with this series. I don’t know how to explain how much this book got me. I just love this. LOL. Its like magic. :))

Alright, as with the first book this sequel offered a lot of more exciting adventures, shocking twists and brilliant ideas. Ash became a traitor of his own court when he decided to take Meghan and bring him back to the Summer Court but also had put up his mind that they can’t really be together. Also with the threat of the new Iron King and the stealing of the scepter everything had become more complicated.

A lot of times while reading this I caught myself holding my breath. Though I really had a lot of fun reading this book, things were really unpredictable and I can’t help myself but to wonder and constantly worry. (Haha, I’m that kind of reader. I get emotionally attached to the character that I care for their relationship more than mine. LOL.) Especially with Ash and Meghan’s relationship and then with Puck getting back to the seen and confessing. Yay, so yeah, though Puck was the other guy and I’m on Team Ash I didn’t really got annoyed with him, in fact I was able to like him more in this book. He was the kind of character who doesn’t push or force himself to the girl he likes. He seemed to understand and respect what Meghan was feeling for Ash and didn’t go over the limits. He just wait and continued to be loyal to Meghan. And I respect him for that. He was really a wonderful character.

In this book, they also met Leanansidhe, the Queen of the Exiles. And I like her. Though, of course she sometimes was scary, I think, so far, she was the most generous faery I ever met (in this book). She was smart and wise, offering her help to Meghan to bring back the scepter and fight the Iron Fey even though she was an exile and doesn’t really have to care for the Nevernever. She thought that it would also affect them badly if the Iron Fey won. The part I like the most with Leanansidhe was when she brought Meghan shopping and spa to have a full make over to disguise Meghan as an employee of SciCorp. She seemed to be more human that faery that time. ^^

Ironhorse had become also their friend and ally at this part. I was surprised when he vowed to protect Meghan with his life and to help them defeat the fake Iron king. I liked how he became really protective over Meghan and served her like she was his real princess. Sadly, he died sacrificing himself to save Meghan and saying in his last breath that it was an honor, saving his queen. I found that really touching since Ironhorse was an Iron Fey.

The last part was really WHOA~! Haha. They got the scepter and brought it back to Mab to stop the war between the Summer and Winter. However when Meghan gave it to Mab instead of being grateful and all she went being narrow minded and bitchy. God, I was really annoyed with her, she was a faery queen but had mind of a fly (well, I think in terms of being rational). But thankfully, Puck and Ash came with a proof that the Iron Fey was real and that Rowan was the real traitor. So Mab ,thankfully, believed and asked Ash to go back to the Unseelie court, become the heir of the throne and remove any connection from Meghan, however….he declined.(Yay! My heart was pounding really hard at this part)He told them he can’t because he loved her. (And I just died at that part). I think I should stop here, I know no one reads this but just in case someone reads this I don’t wanna spoil him/her the ending. So yeah, let’s just it was ASDADAJKFFDJHFKAJAOE! :)))

A fun, gorgeous, wonderful read! Totally love this. Two thumbs up for Kagawa for doing such a magic! >:DDDD

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