Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review: Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson

Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson
Rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is freaking cool! Like really really cool. Its like I got hold of an advance-tech, sophisticated gadget, a newly invented video game, or a high-end, atomic bomb-proof car! Yeah, that kind of cool! If you get what I mean. Oh well, anyway, this book is not like any ordinary young-adult novel. With its parapsychology and pseudoscience science concept, this book definitely went beyond just being awesome. :DD

I got totally hooked up by this book. Everything is just so cool and exciting. The concept was great and really interesting, the parapsychology thing really got me. I was so excited with everything and with the abilities of the characters. All the characters are so lovable! (Well, except for Rachel) LOL. I just love them all especially Lila, Suki and Nate. And of course Alex! (Fangirling strikes in!)

Lila is so adorable, she's strong, funny and really cute! She knows about her ability and she kind of accepts it but also knows that she's always not in control of it and that it could be dangerous. Her thoughts are really funny and her reactions are really cute (especially when its about Alex) and I can't help myself but grin and laugh at that. I love her relationship with his brother, Jack. He's totally overprotected to her but not really the irritating type. They are so close and really care for each other, and I really find it sweet whenever Jack says he love her little sister (not the sister-complex type, just a real brother-sister relationship)Haha! And then there's Alex.(Fangirling striking in again!) His brother's best friend, whom she has been in love her whole life. Their age gap was a bit big, 4 of 5 years? But it doesn't really matter once you start reading this and met him and found out that he's seriously swoon-worthy! LOL. The last part was totally...*swoons*! And I just totally love how their relationship developed.

And the twist about Demos group was cool. I found myself loving all of them once the revelation kicked in. Especially Nate and Suki. Really funny and cute, and not to mention their abilities are kick ass! Haha.

And yup, the last part was a total action and I love it. Really cool and its like I'm watching a real action-filled movie. The characters are all magnificent and yeah, they all seem like a kick ass movie-star. LOL. >:DD

I applaud Alderson for doing such a great and smart job. A story you would definitely crave for more! Enjoyed it very much. Perfect 5 stars for this book! :))

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