Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: Things I Know About Love by Kate le Vann

Title: Things I Know About Love
Author: Kate le Vann
Published: June 22nd 2010
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Read synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can I say that my first read for 2012 left me crying? Ugh. Yeah right, it was New Year and I was freaking crying! Not that I'm saying the book was bad, in fact I really did liked it, it was just that I wasn't really expecting to get really emotional by the end of this book. When I picked this up I was looking for a fun and light read. I was expecting a sweet and happy ending so when the ending came it kind of caught me off guard and bam! I started crying and I had a clogged nose that made it really hard to fall asleep because I have to breathe through my mouth which was really awkward and annoying. But nonetheless I had fun reading this and I really admired the main characters of this story. 

The story primarily focuses in Livia, a seventeen-year old British girl who was a cancer survivor. After a year of illness she went to Princeton, New Jersey to spend her summer there with her brother. She decided to create a private blog and record all her experience she had during the vacation. And things she learned about love. 

The story was written in blog format. Most of it was Livia's but there are some parts narrated through Adam's blog.

Livia was a lovely and adorable character. I instantly loved her from the very start. I like how she was being so positive and adventurous. She's so lively and spontaneous despite the fact that she had been really ill for quite a long time. I admire her relationship with her family, with her mom and brother. And then there's Adam. Adam was her brother's friend back in Manchester and was also studying with him in Princeton. He was nice, cool, and a total sweet heart. I love every moment they had together and how their relationship developed. It was really sweet and cute. I also love the snippets of Adam's blog, it was really really funny but also very swoon-worthy. I just really love the guy. (so much for the fangirling)

The ending however made me a bit disappointed or rather sad and hurt. It was abrupt and left me totally shocked. It was really heart breaking. I won't spoil the ending but I wish the story had been a little longer. Or I wish the ending happened gradually. The last few parts was narrated through Adam's blog and you know how I'm a sucker for male POVs that I started crying when I read the last parts in his perspective. God, this is the second time an Adam made me cry (The first one was Adam Wilde of Where She Went). 

All in all, I think it was still a lovely and heart warming story and there were really great and wonderful things Livia and Adam experienced. I was just really hurt because I so love the couple. But still, this was a wonderful read. I still recommend this to everyone! Don't be deceived by the cover. And keep tissues near by. :)

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