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Review: Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices #2) by Cassandra Clare

Title: Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices #2)
Author: Cassandra Clare
Published: December 6th 2011
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Read synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 5 of 5 stars


Everything just freaking hurts.

I was compelled, awed, confused and utterly heart-broken. This book was a whirlwind of emotion. It was just too emotional that I am seriously having a hard time thinking what to say in here. The last part left me completely torn that I didn't know what emotion I should feel first. I just wanna lie on my bed, stare at the ceiling and think of a thousand ways of how the story should've turned out. And I can't believe I have to wait another year to wait for the third book. I'm seriously going mad.

Though this book had left me emotionally wrecked I can still say that this was really beautifully made. The plot was awesome, the twists are thrilling and exciting, the revelations were shocking and heart wrenching and the characters are all wonderful, and not to mention those totally swooning scenes. Cassie's really a great writer. I am very much awed with this world she made and how immense its impact can bring on me. Not so may authors can make me feel like this, to make me bring out so many emotions and to feel so devastated when everything is not going well, as if it was my life in there. I was devoured. Completely devoured.

In this book, I was finally able to see and understand the real William Herondale. The loving and caring Will. The one who sacrifices a lot and would do everything just for his loved ones. Most parts of the story, I wanted to cry for him. I wanted to jump into the book and hug him and comfort him. All those rudeness and impoliteness during the first book was for good. Realizing everything he had done, every sacrifices he made, every pain he had endured just to save everyone was just so heart aching. Will was such a wonderful and good person. I got a lot more reasons now to love him. The last part left me so torn and I can't imagine how painful it was for him.

There were a lot of Jem in this book, actually more than Will. I saw a much stronger and less suppressing Jem here. I was surprised when he proposed to Tessa and she accepted it. But I can't help but feel sad and pained at that time instead of being happy for him. I was just wondering why he seems to be so oblivious to Will's feelings for Tessa. In the Clockwork Angel, he clearly noticed Will's feelings but in CP it feels like he has no idea that Will and Tessa have feelings for each other. Or maybe he thinks that he needed to have something or someone he really wanted or be selfish just for once despite what others were feeling since he's living a short life and he never wanted anything in his life before. I don't know. I want Jem to be really happy and be cured. But I want Tessa to end up with Will. 

I feel so sorry for Tessa. I understand her decisions and I am just as freaking confused and torn as she is. She loves Jem but she is in love with Will. I think she accepted the engagement because she couldn't bear to hurt him and she wanted to make him happy but not because she is IN LOVE with him. However, she can't undo her decisions because it would not just break Jem's heart and even if she really does that she can still never be with Will. It would break Jem and Will's friendship. And it would be like a betrayal. Oh My Freaking Gahd. I just want everyone to be happy. I just want Will to have his Tess, Jem to get cured and live, Tessa to know what she really is and be with Will. But it doesn't seem so to be that easy. And sacrifices have to be made. Ughh.

Though most of the time I felt so emotional there are still parts that made me laugh, grin and happy. Charlotte and Henry's story was really cute and I really like it. It was so sweet and heartwarming. Sophie and Gideon's too. And I am sooo liking Gideon. Magnus too! Oh my! And that KISS! And those things he told to Camille. It was just so ridiculously funny! :)) And oh! The cliffhanger made me feel excited for the next book! But that would be an agonizing wait. :/

This book is a beautiful, awesome and heartbreaking read. Yeah, you're most likely to have gone mad after reading the story but still it was just so compelling and gripping you know its very much worth the hurt and wait. In the first place you wouldn't have a reaction like that if the story isn't wonderfully made and written. :))      


  1. Heart-breaking is the word. I was devastated over the turn of events in this book. :( The wait for the next book will be a long and painful one.

  2. I agree Sam. Everything was just really painful. I am torn. :(( Another year of agonizing wait. *le sigh*

  3. The ending was completely and utterly painful.
    It's just so sad for Will - he was mean and rude to Tessa because of the 'curse'. And because of Tessa, he does all that, only to find out that she had agreed to marry Jem!
    Literally, there were (more than one) times when I hit the book - without hurting it - and just left it there before crawling back to read it again.
    Cassandra Clare is my favourite author! ^^

  4. The girl is never really developed as a character, and is seen as a fool of love, a counter to the main character. One brother is always protrayed as meeker and kind and an inner beauty, while the other is arrogant headstrong and "hot." This can be seen with both protagonistic families in the mortal instruments and clockwork series, as well as even the lighwood's home.

  5. The book and entire series as a whole came to a satisfying conclusion. I did not anticipate the ending of the love triangle at all so I was pretty surprised but in a good way. One of the best YA fantasy books I've read this year. I have read many YA fantasy books so I don't say that very often. Cassandra Clare does a good job of world and character building, and I'm sad to say goodbye to some of the characters. It's like saying goodbye to friends you've known for the past years since the first book came out.


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