Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: First Date by Krista McGee

Title: First Date
Author: Krista McGee
Published: January 10th 2012
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Addy Davidson discovers God's unexpected plans for her life when a reality TV show turns her quiet existence on its head.

The orphaned daughter of missionaries, Addy is quite content to stay in the shadows and never draw attention to herself. But when she's selected for a reality TV show to try to become the President son's prom date-a show she didn't audition for-she's suddenly in America's spotlight.

The lights, the make-up, the competitions, and the blogs discussing every move she makes all make Addy incredibly uncomfortable. But through her time at The Mansion, Addy comes to realize that first impressions aren't always right, that hiding out may not be what God had planned for her life, and that her faith should affect everything she does. It may just be that her selection wasn't random at all and that she's on this show "for such a time as this."

First Date was a fun, refreshing and delightful read. I'm a sucker for a celebrity-guy-ordinary-girl pairing so when I saw the synopsis it instantly caught my interest. I enjoyed it thoroughly especially the concept of reality TV show. This is also a Christian book so there were parts that discusses about it but it wasn't really overly done so it's okay for you to read it even if you're not a Christian. The writing was also good and fast paced so it was really an easy read. 

The story centered about Addy Davidson. Addy was just an ordinary high school girl who was asked by the principal of her school to represent their school for a reality TV show to try to become the president's son's prom date. Addy was reluctant to join the contest but her uncle convinced her to join because it could be a good opportunity for her to develop herself and to know the God's real purpose for her.

Addy's character was really admirable. Though I admit I was a bit annoyed with her during the first parts. But as the story progressed I see how she realized her mistakes and learned things and became more mature. In the end she was able to do what God really wanted her to do - to share God to the people she cares and also to the people who wasn't nice to her.  The entries from her mother's journal was really touching and admire her parents for what they did. Jonathan's character was also really nice. Jonathan's the president son. He's humble and kind despite getting so much attention from everyone. He likes Addy and the moments between the two were really adorable. 

Though I'm a Christian I don't usually read religious novels but this one proved that Christianity and humor can go in one. It was a fun read. Read this! :))

An advance copy has been provided by the publisher via Netgalley


  1. I normally steer clear of Christian fiction but this sounds interesting; you may have just sold me on it. Great review, thanks!

  2. HEy this is the first review I read of this book and you made it sound rather delightful!
    Thanks for sharing this! I think I'm going to try to get it!


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