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Review: Fated by Sarah Alderson

Title: Fated
Author: Sarah Alderson
Published: January 5th 2012
Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK
Read Synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 3.75/4 stars

The first novel I've read of Sarah Alderson was Hunting Lila and I enjoyed it so much. I was really amazed on how she wrote the story and she instantly became one of my favorite authors then. So when I read a featured excerpt of Fated by the end of Hunting Lila I was instantly hooked up. I had it on my to-read list right away and had become one of my most anticipated reads for 2012. And finally I've read it! Although I did notice some flaws in this book I still find this really gorgeous. With all its awesome characters, exciting twists, and unique paranormal plot I really did have a lot of fun reading this!!

This was written in third person, narrating both Evie and Lucas point of views. I really loved reading a book in multiple POV. Having both perspective made it easier to connect with them and understand the situation. I adore Evie. She could be really whinny and naive at times and sometimes it could be really annoying but with all she'd been through I think it was pretty understandable. But still she was a kick ass heroine. Although she had not known the truth about her family until she was attacked by the Unhumans and nearly died, she was able to handle and accept it boldly. She's strong, determined and wasn't afraid to say things and her thoughts. 

Well, Lucas, from the first time you heard his thoughts you would instantly know he was different. He was nothing like the Unhuman he was supposed to be. The way he thinks and acts - when he first time he saw the picture of Evie, when he realized what he feels and want to do, when he became so determined on protecting Evie, when he was so willing to sacrifice himself - you would really fall hard for him (though I must say I fell harder for Alex in Hunting Lila). And aside from that, of course he was a total mind candy. He was absolutely hot and drool worthy. 

I loved how Lucas and Evie's relationship developed. It wasn't at all an insta-love but there was an insta-attraction that both characters tried to fight and rationalize the first time they felt it and until they can't keep it anymore. We weren't rewarded with a kiss scene right away but when it came... oh boy was it steaming hot!

The paranormal plot here was also interesting. The Unhumans (demons) were Lucas belongs were creatures from other realms - scorpio demons, mixen, thirsters, psych, shapeshifters and shadow warriors - which I really enjoyed learning about. The Hunters, were Evie belongs were the one who hunt and kill the Unhumans preventing them to spread out and take over the human realm. There wasn't really a good and bad side here. I kinda figured that out during the last parts. Both sides have their own wrong and incorrect ways. So were left not to side with anyone but only to Evie who made a choice to stop it - not siding with anyone and not as a Hunter.

One thing I so noticed Anderson was so good about was writing an action scene. She did it in Hunting Lila that I seriously felt like I was watching and action-packed movie. The whole time I was tensed and excited. And she did it here again. The way she wrote it would make you imagine it so vividly and you absolutely be engrossed. 

Stop right here if you haven't read this yet. The following paragraph could be a little spoilery

Alright, you might wonder why I gave it a rating like 3.75 leaning to 4 when all I've said about it were positive. I was actually a little torn. As I have said earlier I think there were little flaws I noticed in this book. Well, maybe it was just me but there were parts that I think were pretty obvious that Evie should have figured it out already or at least doubted it. But she didn't and she was like really clueless. And also the when Lucas told Jocelyn how he felt for Evie and that he would betray the brotherhood for her, Jocelyn believed him right away, which I think was pretty fast since she was a hunter. Yet when Evie thought Lucas betrayed her Jocelyn didn't defend him. I guess they had a deal since Lucas believed that Evie should hold on to anger than on numbness and with that she'll continue to fight. I was a little confused though before realizing that. But the entirety  of the book was really good that I can over see those little flaws and still love the book. 

Overall, this was a really fun and thrilling read! Anderson did a really good job again. This was a lot different from Hunting Lila but Anderson's captivating writing stayed the same and still as good as in Hunting Lila. Looking forward for the next book and more books from this great author. ^^ 


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