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Review: The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

Title: The DUFF
Author: Kody Keplinger
Published: September 7th 2010
Publisher: Little Brown/Poppy
Read Synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Wesley Rush doesn’t chase girls, but I’m chasing you" 

Oh baby, you don't know how I just swooned at that line! *sigh* 

Anyway, Gahd, I love love luuurve this book. I had this on my TBR pile for quite a long time but I keep on passing through it. Seriously, I should have read this a long time ago. But yeah, I guess it's better late than never, right? And I am really glad that I finally read this! This is just so freaking awesome. I'm surprise on how much I enjoyed this book. 

I had a lot of fun reading this book, this made me laugh, swoon, and grin a lot! And the characters, though they have their obvious flaws were still really adorable and lovable. Kody Keplinger did a very great job on developing the characters. You'll definitely notice how these characters changed and grew throughout the story, most notably Bianca. 

I loved Bianca! Even though she could be a bit whinny and frustrating at times her character was still really lovable and understandable. I don't hate her for her actions during those times when she was trying to escape the problems she had. Even if it was kinda bitchy or slutty, the author was able to make us connect with Bianca and understand what she was trying to do. As the story progressed, Bianca was able to realize things about herself and how to finally stop running away from her problems and face it. It was really amazing how noticeable her development was. She was very different from how she was on the very first part and how she turned out on the last part. Not just the way she acts but also the way she thinks. Her experiences and her past actions did change her perspective in a lot of things in a really good way. 

Wesley. All right, he's a jerk and I am very well aware of that but still I really loved this guy! I love how Keplinger wrote his character. She didn't try to gloss his character by being a total good, nice guy in the end just so that everyone would like him. In fact he was still a bit of a jerk in the end but not really in a bad way. But what the author did was to make us understand why he was doing it. And I don't deny that it was still bad and awful but I also realized that it wasn't entirely his fault why he was like that. That there were really big reasons behind it. He did changed in the end, just like Bianca, he finally stopped running away and finally faced his problems. But the witty, overly confident, a bit of an a-hole Wesley was still there - which I really liked. 

I always find it hard to understand guys who were like Wesley or to find logical reasons why they were being like that. But Keplinger was able to help me realize that maybe there were really reasons for that - like escaping - and we shouldn't be all too judgmental. I don't say that it's okay for them be like that but maybe we have to be a bit sensitive because at some point we tend to become like them too, maybe in a different way, but still there were times that we all wanted to escape too. They needed someone that would make them realize the things they should really do. 

Casey and Jessica, Bianca's best friends were also really lovable. I love Casey for being so supportive and caring. She's the kind of best friend every girl would want to have. A best friend who will always be there when you needed them, who would immediately notice if there was something wrong and would easily lend her help and her ears even if you keep on pushing them away. I love that Jessica was the one who saw that Toby wasn't really for Bianca. That she saw pass Bianca that she wasn't at all happy and that what she really want was Wesley. I would love to have best friends like this two. They're one of the sweetest and most adorable best friends in all the books I'd ever read. 

Whoa! I think I wrote a really long review. Haha. But that just means I so loved this book. I really have a lot to say whenever I got so engaged over a book. Over all, this was a very wonderful and insightful read. Not just fun but you'll also get lessons from here. I highly recommend this! A must read! :))


  1. I LOVED this one!! It is one that I want to read again and again! Lovely review :)

    Amy @ Following The Reader

  2. I always find that the books I really enjoyed tend to have longer reviews. I LOVED this book and read it about 4x when I borrowed if from the library
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  3. The DUFF isn't always pretty, nor is it always fun to read. It's infuriating and difficult, but also so very satisfying in it's frankness, presenting us with a tale where characters are forced to deal with the hand they've been dealt; some utilizing the sensual heat of a physical relationship to obliterate reality, and others finding solace in the numbing warmth of a bottle, but all are struggling with relatable emotional challenges. Not everyone will love this story or it's characters, but it doesn't coddle us with a perfect male lead and a magical solution to significant problems, and we can all acknowledge life isn't always pretty or fun either. We don't always wake up excited to start the day and sometimes the problems in our lives overshadow the joys, but we can take comfort in knowing we're not alone in the journey, and sometimes we discover the support we need comes in an unexpected and not always welcome form.

  4. I've got The DUFF on my TBR for so long and at one point I did start it but for some reason I quickly lost interest. I chucked it back in my TBR and told myself I'll get to it at a later point. That was before I became a huge fan of the contemporary genre so I know I've got to check this one out again. Bianca sounds like a really refreshing character and I remember liking her relationship with her best friends. I'll definitely read this soon. :)
    Isa @ Chasing Quills


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