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Review: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

Title: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Published: January 2nd 2012
Publisher: Poppy
Read Synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 3.75 stars of 5 stars

This book was one of my most anticipated book this year and I was glad that it was an enjoyable read. However I wasn't totally overcome by it than what I had expected it would do. The title could be a little bit deceiving 'cause the story wasn't very much actually about it. Though there were really those swoon-worthy bits between Hadley and Oliver that made me...well swoon, I find the story focused more on how Hadley dealt the conflicting feelings she had about her parent, especially about her dad. Nonetheless, the things between Hadley and Oliver was really cute and sweet and though I don't really believe in love at first sight I love the thought of meeting someone and then having a great and undeniable connection between them. ^^

At first I thought Hadley was some spoiled, whinny, brat. The way she told her dislike about the idea of going to his dad's second marriage kind of annoyed me. I was like why don't she just get over it since her mom and dad are both happy and moving on. But as the story progressed and as I learn more about her I started to connect with her and understand her. Her feelings - bitterness, sadness, hurt and anger - was very well voiced out. It actually made me also mad at her Dad too. I find him really selfish. Asking Hadley to attend his marriage to a women she haven't even met before was just kind of anger-inducing. And even though at the last part he and her father already had a talk about it and finally forgave him, it wasn't enough for me to like and forgive him too. And no matter how nice Charlotte was I just can't seem to like her. I just want - even for a little part - to see their guilt for what they'd done, that they did something bad and had hurt other people. But I guess that's just the way it has to be - everyone just have to move on and be happy. 

Oliver was a very entertaining character. He's cool and sweet that you wouldn't know that deep inside he's dealing with a more heart aching situation. I loved his jokes and his answers to Hadley's question were really filled with great humor. You would think that he was really open and cool on things but really he could also be a mysterious guy. I was shocked when I learned about his father and how his relationship with him had never been really good. But in the end I was happy that both him and Hadley were able to deal with those crappy things, moved on and meet again! The last part was really charming and sweet. They were really a very cute couple and I just loved them. :))

Overall, this was a lovely read. Though I wasn't entirely happy with the thing about their parents, the narration between Hadley and Oliver's encounter was enough to make me really liked the book. A light and fun read! :))   


  1. Hey, Eunice. Lovely review. I wasn't all that thrilled with this one either. :)
    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  2. Really? Interesting :) I really liked this book :) But that's maybe because I have a thing for psychologists (because I am to become one :P) :)
    And I thought Hadley was pretty real for a character - with all the sadness and anger about her dad's getting married.

  3. Awesome review, Eunice! I really loved this book, particularly Hadley's and Oliver''s relationship. Oliver was such a sweet and nice guy I really love to read about! Glad you enjoyed the book! I am a new follower! :) I love your blog!

    Celine @ Forget-me-not


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