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Review: While It Lasts (Sea Breeze #3) by Abbi Glines

Title: While It Lasts (Sea Breeze #3) 
Author: Abbi Glines
Published: July 31st 2012
Publisher: Abbi Glines
Read synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 3.5 stars

When I first met Cage in Because of Low he wasn't something that was really likable. Most of the time I was just kinda disgusted and annoyed with him. He was a total man-whore and I didn't really find any reason to like him until the end of the book when I saw how much he loved Low and how honest and accepting he had been. And so I thought maybe there's still hope for this guy to change, I would love to see a story for him. 

And I finally did! I enjoyed it but well, I did have some issues with it. Maybe because I had read so much of Abbi Glines that I can almost predict how things would turn out or end up. Or how his/her characters would react. I was kind of wishing a little something new from her but this one felt the same like all of her other books, plus I thought some parts were left a little unexplained. But overall it was a very easy, fast, fun and sexy read that made me still enjoy most of it. :)

Cage had a tremendous transformation here which was a very fascinating thing to see. Especially with the way he started acting and thinking after meeting Eva was so unlikely to the Cage we first met in Because of Low.  It was very interesting to see the indifferent and arrogant Cage turn into a sweet, caring and faithful guy. However, I think the transformation in him felt so sudden. Of course, I like that he was changing but I didn't see any reason or thing so powerful that might have compelled him to change his ways so suddenly. I understand that he got attracted to Eva like nothing before but I think the change would have been more believable if he had a deeper struggle and confusion in assessing his feelings, I was actually expecting him to fight it especially after seeing how he was in Because of Low. 

Eva. She had a very heartbreaking past that had greatly affected her. She closed herself off to a lot of things and refused to move on. So when she and Cage met well, she was all fierce and harsh. And I like it, I like her ferocity and how she treated him sternly. She seems to be a very challenging character so I thought it would be really fun. However it was just short-lived. Not that she trusted Cage right away but she’d gone soft on him a little too fast. And just like my issue with Cage, her change of heart felt too sudden. I was expecting more resistance and reluctance from her. Like I said I thought this would be fun because I thought Eva would be a great challenge for Cage. I was hoping for the both of them to fight a lot and have funny banters even if their attraction was growing.

Nevertheless, the good that all came from the too fast and sudden changes and transformation in the characters was that it made this book an easy read with less frustrating dramas. Plus, we all get to the sexy parts right away which Abbi Glines is so good at. LOL! The writing was actually smooth and easy but I think the story would have been better if there were more depth especially with how the two dealt their feelings. I just felt like it came too fast and easy. But despite that, I think I enjoyed the overall. 

If you want an easy, fun, fast but sexy and hot read, I guess this one is for you. 


  1. First I hated the sound of Cage, but his transition makes him sound MUCH better! Even if it wasn't very natural... Eva sounds like she was off to a great start, but it's a shame she let it go a bit. ):

    Lol to the sexy parts. ;p "Easy, fun, fast but sexy and hot read" oooof, sounds like a great holiday read! Thanks for another great review, Eunice. (:

  2. Eunice, I'm going to come back and read this after I put up my review. I think my rating is similar to yours though. I gave it 4 stars. :)

  3. Well I'm glad you enjoyed this! If anything, it sounds like a good quick read. I guess it would have been nice to see that little extra, but I'm glad you still had fun reading this. I've only read one Abbi Glines book, which failed to blow me away but was enjoyable enough, but I'm not sure if it was enough to persuade me to pick up more from her. Though who knows... I may end up having a change of heart about this. ;) Great review, Eunice! :)

  4. I wasn't that big of a fan of Cage in Because of Low, but I'm glad that he's matured in this book. I'll definitely be reading this book... I just don't know when. Thanks for the great review!

  5. I really need to pick up the Sea Breeze series, in fact I'm definitely need to pick up more books by Glines asap, you and Rachel seem to love them! And you know I love my easy, fun, fast but sexy and hot reads so I think this will be an awesome read for me! Lovely review Eunice :)

  6. I'm glad you ended up loving the characters, especially Cage, Eunice. :) I've been seeing many glowing reviews for this series, and you are certainly convincing me that I must start reading it ASAP. :) I adore your review! And did you say sexy? *saunters over to library to get a copy*

  7. While I like the sound of a hot and sexy read, I like to earn the hotness if that makes sense. I like when an author makes the characters work for their relationship and struggle with their feelings, when everything is just delivered to me on a silver platter I get disappointed. Sounds like it might be a perfect read in between really emotional books though, something quick and fun where I don't have to think too hard:) Fabulous review Eunice!

  8. :) I completely understand your feelings for this book. I also would enjoy a more profound struggle to change, because I like difficult character development that appears realistic. Awesome review!!!!!!!

  9. Your review echoes my thoughts on Cage's transformation as well. I did really enjoy the story overall though. It was one HOT read. :)

  10. What a cute story with great people! Is a great love story that will make you wish you could read more!! Enjoyed it and could not put it down!!

    Cleo Rogers (Pinky's Seattle Plumber)


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