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Review: Sempre (Forever) by J.M. Darhower

Title: Sempre (Forever)
Author: J.M. Darhower
Published: January 30th 2012
Publisher: J.M. Darhower
Read synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 5 stars!

This was a very compelling and captivating book and I was very much stunned by it. After reading this I know I'll have a hell of a time writing a review for this one. This book went very much deeper that I had expected. And I was definitely astounded by how much it stirred up intense emotions from me and brought so many thought provoking issues on my mind. This was the kind of book that will haunt you for days and will forever be ingrained in your mind. Reading this was such a very wonderful experience for me, I was touched, enthralled, thrilled and amazed beyond words. 

Sempre was an exceptionally written book that tells the story of people who lived beyond the worlds of human-trafficking and the Mafia. It was a story of sacrifice, acceptance, choices and love. Haven and Carmine were two people who grew up in complete opposite worlds but thrown together to find freedom, love and meaning in their life through each other. 

Haven was a very remarkable character. She was innocent and vulnerable but even with all those awful things she experienced in her life she remained to be a very kind, understanding and warm person. And this girl just touched me and moved me to the highest level in so so many ways. I can't even imagine all those things she had to endure but I was greatly impressed by this girl. She was strong and intelligent in her own way, she maybe innocent when it comes to the basic things about life but she had deeper and greater perspective than anyone else when it comes to life and death. She had ugly scars physically and emotionally but despite all that she was a very glowing character, her raw beauty was pouring imposingly that you wouldn't be able to help but love and appreciate her character.

Carmine was, well, simply said he was a jerk. Until he met Haven. Seeing someone important to you die right under your nose in such a very young age would definitely make you a mess and that's what had happened to Carmine. I may not be a fan of his jerky side but I can totally understand it. Despite living privileged life, he was just a broken kid, haunted and consumed by the guilt and remorse from the death of her mother. But when he met Haven he started taking and seeing things a lot differently. They found a connection from each other that helped them share their feelings, regrets and griefs. I was awed by how his character grew and changed upon meeting Haven. He wasn't your perfect guy, he made mistakes and was definitely flawed in many ways but you can see the honesty and the realness of his character especially when it comes to his feelings for Haven.

I love how this two find each other and was able to give that very thing they had long needed to be in their lives. Their relationship wasn't easy and was forced with obstacle from being in a family of a Mafia. They were forced to make decisions and sacrifices to save one another. Sacrifices that may take away their choices in life or will put them into something they have been eagerly avoiding. But what this book was saying was that real love makes every sacrifices worth it.

I was impressed by how J.M. Darhower made this book so purposeful, not just to provide entertainment from readers but also to enlighten them about the subject of slavery/human-trafficking in our society. Reading this had my eyes opened on such subject where I didn't realize was still happening in our world. This book provide awareness for everyone about things that were usually unknown to us and things that should have taken some actions.

I had so many conflicted emotions while reading this and at some point I find myself even loving those people who were on the 'bad' side. Which just proved how compelling and striking this book was but I was glad that the author remained very realistic when it comes to the outcome of the actions taken in the story. I was also impressed that Darhower was never afraid to kill her characters! Although most of them were just minor but boy, almost all her characters were pretty striking so when they die it was just as striking too.

I have so many thing I still wanted to say about this book but if I don't stop now this might become a novella. So to conclude, this was very superb and powerful novel. I cannot fathom how much this book has stunned me and saying this was an amazing read was just an understatement. But I tell you, this book is a must read and I really wanted you guys to have the same wonderful experience I had from reading this. I highly recommend this! :D


  1. Awww, I actually have this HUGE weakness for jerky boys turned good in books so I already have a spot in my heart reserved for Carmine! Those broken boys have a way of wedging themselves into our book-boy-packed hearts, and Haven sounds like the perfect wounded counterpart to Carmine. I love how this book is so much deeper than your regular read in every way imaginable. It sounds absolutely heart-stealing!

    Beautiful review, Eunice! This cover, your 5 stars, and your stunning review have officially made me glad I added this to my TBR! :) <3

    1. Thank you, Mimi! My nurturing instinct definitely kicked in with these two characters. I just wanted to loved them and take care of them and take off all their griefs. :))

  2. I love a book that challenges you morally, that helps you see the other side and understand the gray areas. this sounds like just the thing.
    Wonderful review, Eunice. :)

  3. Surprisingly I have never heard of this one before but after reading your review I think I need to read it ASAP!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the characters and the writing style because that is very important to me. I also love how you make this book sound so emotionally powerful in your review. Need to read this one!! Thank you for the review :) I will definitely be checking it out!

    BTW love your blog!!!!!!


    1. Oh, thank you, Jaskirat! J.M. Darhower is really an amazing writer. Everything was just really captivating. I think you'll really like this book. And thanks for the follow too! Love your blog too. :)

  4. I love your review for this, Eunice! I probably wouldn't even have considered this book if I hadn't seen how much you liked it. I'm glad you had such a strong positive reaction to it. Amazing review! :)

  5. Wow, great review. Putting on my TBR list. :)

  6. Amazing review Eunice. I had no idea this dealt with such serious issues. You did a great job breaking this down for me. :)

  7. Loved the fanfic version of this story and I had a fear that maybe it wouldn't be as good as an original. I was so wrong. It is just as addicting and powerful. So much emotion and amazingly written.

  8. I loved the fanfic version and i havent had the chance of reading it yet, but i will soon! I hope is as good as the fanfic!


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