Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Easy by Tammara Webber

Title: Easy
Author: Tammara Webber
Published: May 25th 2012
Publsiher: Tammara Webber
Ready synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 3.75 stars

Reading the blurb I knew and expected that this would definitely be an enjoyable contemporary romance with, of course, lots of hot and steamy stuffs. What surprised me was that it involved more than just the romance but also a sensitive and tricky subject, the subject of rape. I was impressed by how Tammara Webber handled that topic very well in a not so stressing or too dramatic way but never failing to convey the important and essential aspects about it.

Lucas/Landon and Jacqueline were both interesting and fascinating characters. Jacqueline was a very relatable character. I love how easy I connected with her and understand her actions and decisions. She was brave and strong-willed. Lucas was a very endearing guy! I like how Webber made his character seem so mysterious even when she was actually revealing us a lot of different sides of him. He was a complete package guy, he have almost all you could have wish for a guy but despite that he had a very awful past that definitely made me ache for him.

Jacqueline and Lucas's chemistry were shooting from all over the place and you wouldn't be able to deny how good and hot they were together. However, I wasn't able to see the emotional connection between the two right away. Although, there were those hot and steamy stuff that I, of course, enjoyed, for some reason I didn't feel the emotional connection right away but more of the physical. And it actually took me a little while to finally see that they indeed share a deeper one. But once I saw it, I also become more connected with the story and I appreciated it even more.

I love the e-mail exchanges and banters! And I think Landon took my heart first but well, they [Lucas and Landon] both eventually equally shared my heart. lol! Erin was my favorite character here! I adore this girl, her loyalty and her total-girl power! She was what every girl would wish for a best friend. 

I appreciated the empowerment this book gave to the victims of rape. I was very impressed by how Tammara Webber handled it and showed that there's something they could do about it. I loved how Erin and Jacqueline went to take self-defense class, I loved how Erin's sorority supported their victimized sister - that speech their president made was a kick-ass! And I loved the way they keep telling that it was never the victims fault. 

Overall, this book was a very fascinating and enjoying read! With heart-pounding twists, amazing and interesting characters, sweet and hot scenes and wonderful empowering messages, this book was absolutely a great read! I recommend this. :)


  1. My favorite read so far in 2012, Eunice! I totally loved Lucas and Jacqueline. Never a frustrating moment with either one of them. So glad you enjoyed it too. :)

  2. I have some other stuff on my eReader by this author. Glad you liked the book and good to know her writing is great.

  3. Oh wow I didn't know that this book packed so much! It sounds like a interesting read that I need to get to soon! Lovely review Eunice! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, just be looking at this cover, I thought it would be your typical steamy-romance-with-lots-of-regular-problems kind of contemporary too, but I'm so glad it's not! I love the fact that it deals with something as serious as rape -- I feel like many authors shy away from it because it's an uncomfortable thing to read about, but sometimes that deeper message goes a whole longer way! :)

    Beautiful review, Eunice! This sounds like such a sweet read and I'll be sure to pay it extra attention now :) <3

    1. You'll be impressed by how Tammara Webber handled it very well without making it too heavy and stressing! Can't wait for you to read this, Mimi! Thanks! :))

  5. Thanks for this review!
    I was debating requesting this for review...
    It is nice to hear it also has some seriousness to it. Not just fluff.
    I am a new follower of yours!
    If you could follow back that would be great,

    1. Hope you get to this book soon. It was really good. And thanks for following. Followed you back. :)


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