Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Strangers by Barbara Elsborg

Title: Strangers
Author: Barbara Elsborg
Published: November 2nd 2009
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Read synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 3.75 stars

I'm not usually into adult romances and much more not into erotica. But I keep on seeing this book on my feed a lot of times before and lately, like it was trying to really get my attention to read it. So when I checked the blurb I suddenly felt curious. And when I saw that the characters were two suicidal person who met during the time they were trying to kill themselves then falling in love - which I thought was kinda sweet and hilarious at the same time - I decided I'll give this a try. To add more, the guy's a famous actor and the girl was just an ordinary girl - I'm such a sucker for that kind of pairing! So there it goes, straight to my tbr. I wasn't planning to read it right away when I got the copy but I decided to do a sneak peak, however that sneak peak eventually went into full time reading that I wasn't even able to update it here. 

It was definitely a good and sweet read. Though I would say there were parts that were really cliche it was still really amusing and fascinating. The very first part was my favorite, it was really emotionally gripping and compelling. I love how the author wrote that particular scene because really it was beautiful. And I got my favorite line in there, 
"Don't let me go."
Yeah, it may sound so used and cliche but when you see where and how that line was used, you'll get it. It was really touching. 

Kate and Charlie were both broken characters and I was touched with their own histories and struggles. Especially with Kate, my nurturing instinct suddenly kicked in when I learned her story. She's the kind of character were you'd definitely want to protect and save. Despite all those devastating things she experienced she's a strong and independent person. Charlie, on the other hand was a little whoa!, some of his behavior definitely can put you off but the author did a very great job on showing and voicing Charlie's struggle and problems to make us understand him better. It was heartwarming to see how this two people met and found salvation from each other. Falling genuinely in love in the process and also learning something about themselves. 

Some of my disappointment were just that I wished the intensity of writing on the very very first part has remained through out the entire story. There were also too many sex scenes that I find a little unnecessary for the plot (Or maybe its just me since I'm really not into that stuff and some parts made me really cringe. lol!). And last, I find the major conflict on the last part pretty cliche and very traditional in style for me, the kind which I really avoid because it made me so anxious and frustrated. But the good is the ending definitely made me happy. Haha! It was great, sweet and satisfying.

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