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Review: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

Title: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer
Author: Lish McBride
Published: October 12th 2010
Publisher: Henry Colt and Company
Ready synopsis: Goodreads

Rating: 4.5 stars

This book is so much FUN! I love love love everything but most especially Samhain Corvus LaCroix! I tell you, I'm in love with this guy yeah, like I don't feel like that with most of the heroes I met. XD. Its like I met the guy version of Sophie Mercer (Hex Hall)! This dude made me all laughing from the first page to the last and even on worst situations. While this book offered lots of good humor it also gave a very good side of dark and paranormal stuffs. 

I love reading books with male protags but I tend to be really picky about them. But when I heard that this gave off the same aura as White Cat, which is one of my favorite series with male lead, it definitely caught my interest. I'm not sure about it though when I started reading it but when Sam started using his smart-mouth, oh boy, I realized I gonna love it big time. 

Sam's character is very appealing and admirable. I like how he talk about things and handle stuff, he knows who he is. Oh wait, no. He didn't know he's a necromancer before - more like he's honest about himself. He acts with no pretense and admits things he's capable of and what he's not. And most of all, he's smart-mouthed. His snide comments and witty comebacks had me all laughing out loud. His relationship with his friends - Ramon, Frank and Brooke - was also really adorable and funny. I love how much he cares for his love ones.

This is the book where you're gonna love almost all the characters in it. You'll definitely take notice with everyone even if they don't share much exposure. Ramon and Frank were loyal and very reliable friends. Brooke, I adore her so much! She's funny and definitely a strong character. Bridin, I thought when Sam met her she'll intimidate him but she didn't. She's actually sweet and very supportive but also a tough and brave character. Then Ashley too! I just really love that girl! Even the villain here, Douglas, is an interesting character.

The paranormal stuff is very entertaining and intriguing. I love the idea of hybrids, the were-hounds, the hybrid between werewolves and fey. I also think that what made Sam powerful is because he's also a hybrid between a witch and a necromancer. I'd love to discover more of these paranormal creatures and to see Sam's abilities develop on the next book. Oh yeah, and I'd like to see what's gonna happen between him and Brid! ^^

I highly recommend this book! This is a humorous and very enjoyable read with an interesting and amusing paranormal plot. I really had so much fun reading this! 


  1. Haha, reading your review a second time is convincing me even more that this will be a lot of fun to read. I know I definitely need something that will make me smile inbetween some of my heavier reads. Plus, I never said, but I LOVE the title for this book. :D

    1. Haha! Thanks Sam. I love the title too! Can't wait for you to read this and meet Sam. That just sound weird...can't wait for you to meet yourself? LOLJK! :))


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