Monday, January 20, 2014

Review: Just One Day and Just One Year by Gayle Forman

Author: Gayle Forman
Published: January 8th 2013; October 10th 2013
Publisher: Dutton Children's 

Soooo...after two years of waiting (I added this in my GR shelf on 2011! Didn't realize it was that long!), I was finally able to read another stunning novel from Gayle Forman. And as ever, she did not disappoint and again, didn't fail to make me cry. 

Whatever I'm going to say on this review, I know have already been said by many others, but I'm still going to say them anyway. Gayle's writing is definitely one of the most commendable one I'd ever read. It flows with so much knowledge, experience and understanding. Reading her stories, it seeps you in. You feel and cry and learn and grow together with her characters. It makes you feel exactly what it should be felt. So in the end, you actually felt this quiet kind of fulfillment. 

What I really like with Willem and Lulu's story was how natural it actually felt. How they met and clicked and understand each other, for the one day that they traveled together, the development felt gradual and slow. It was so genuine that you forgot they just literally met. Pulling off a 24-hour romantic development like this is not an easy feat, I've read some that totally felt forced and unrealistic. So it was amazing how Forman presented this story. 

Although the romance plays a very big part on this story it was the self-discovery that I appreciated most. The things they learned about themselves upon meeting each other and meeting a lot of different people as well; the mistakes and then the learning and understanding. I was touched and moved by Willem and his mom's relationship; with how Allison finally stood up and chose and made decisions for herself; I love how they soon associate they're one day meeting, though ended in quite a bad way, to something that opened up possibilities and things they hadn't realize they want for their selves.

The traveling part is something I enjoyed as well! My inner wander-lustful self totally rejoiced with all the places they went to. And I'm sure to try out some macarons when (not if) I go to Paris! Haha! 

The only thing that I think I can fault in this duology is that I want more! Haha. I thought the second book will pick up where the first book left off but while the first book was about them meeting and most about Allison the second one is clearly about Willem and how he handled and realized things after that day in Paris. It was a great ride getting on to his perspective but of course, I wouldn't mind getting more sweet scenes between the two especially after a year!

Overall, this is one such amazing story of love and self-discovery. Gayle Forman really did a brilliant job on this one. I highly recommend this.


  1. It would be quite a task to write a romance that only takes place in one day and make it develop well. I also like that the second book is from his perspective. Romance books from the guy's perspective are starting to become a favorite of mine =) Thanks for the review!

  2. One of the best '24 hour love stories' I've read is Graffiti Moon. That was just heartwarming story.. and it had Graffiti in it :D I've had both of these books on my list for a while now and should probably pick them up at some point but I keep on worrying that I won't be able to handle the feels. I've also heard that the ending to Just One Year is slightly rushed .-.
    I am so glad you weren't let down though!

    Great Review Eunice!! :)

  3. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.


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