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Mini Reviews: Sever (The Chemical Garden #3) by Lauren DeStefano and Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

Title: Sever (The Chemical Garden #3)
Author: Lauren DeStefano
Published: February 12th 2013
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Read synopsis at: Goodreads

Sever is the last and final book of the Chemical Garden trilgoy. In here I was finally able to get answers I have since the first book and learned more of the characters. Though there's a lot that I have liked about this book I think this is quite the weakest of the trilogy. 

While I can say that I was fairly satisfied with how everything turned out I still felt that some of the revelations weren't really that conclusive. Particularly, the explanation about the virus. It was like the answers just walk through me and for the most part it felt quite anticlimactic. I was actually hoping for something that is more thorough and detailed. The other part though was Rhine's feelings about Linden and Gabriel - which I have to say was very confusing and formless. I didn't get what it really was she felt about the two. Plus, it really disappointed me how undeveloped Gabriel's character was. I've been rooting for him since the first book and I was really looking forward to see more of him here yet I barely see him until the later part. Although I was happy that he still end up with Rhine I'm not really satisfied with how their relationship developed. 

I am split on a half on this one. I don't really know what are my exact feelings about the conclusion of this trilogy. I'm pretty satisfied with how things turned out but whenever I think more of it I kinda wish that there should have been something more with it. It felt like there were some things missing or that it wasn't completely delivered to us. Still, I think the majority of what had happened on this book had been very intriguing, there were twists and revelations that manage to surprise me and most of the questions were answered.

3.5 stars

Title: Chasing Brooklyn
Author: Lisa Schroeder
Published: January 5th 2010
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Read synopsis at: Goodreads

This is the second time I've read a work from this author and it still didn't fail to leave me at awe especially since this is a verse novel.

When I started this I realized that this is much more intense and emotional that the last book I've read of this author so I was a little doubtful if it would be able to connect and affect me deeply since it was written in a verse form. But lo and behold because it did! I was surprised to find myself tearing up on some parts and some making my skin filled with goose bumps. I fascinating how those short verses was able to contain such powerful emotions and feelings. It was very captivating and entrancing.

Nico and Brooklyn are characters that are so easy to like. I felt instant connection with them and felt the sadness and the struggles they've been having since the death of someone they both loved so deeply. The comfort they found through each other and how both of them had helped to let go and move on was very heartwarming and poignant. Their story was such a lovely and touching one that it made its way easily on my favorites shelf.

4 stars


  1. I've been meaning to read Chasing Brooklyn for awhile, so I'm thrilled you loved it! Great mini-review, Eunice! :D

  2. I loved Chasing Brooklyn (as you know) so I'm thrilled you did too, Eunice! I was never intrigued with the Chemical Garden series so I didn't pick it up, but it looks like yet another love triangle. I'm sick to death of those. Wonderful reviews Eunice. :)

  3. I've had Chasing Brooklyn forever on my Kindle, I read one of Schroeder's verse novels and fell in love and knew I would love this too! I definitely will have to get to this book a lot sooner now! Great mini-review Eunice! :)

  4. I absolutely agree with your review for Sever, Eunice! Like you said, I was also disappointed with the development of Gabriel's character. My favourite book in the series is definitely Wither although Sever is still a satisfying conclusion. I also need to read Chasing Brooklyn soon ;)

    Awesome reviews, Eunice! ♥

  5. It's a pity that Sever didn't meet your expectations, Eunice! As if a love triangle itself wasn't enough (I'm not a fan at all), an empty, formless one is more than I can stand. For some odd reason, I was never even tempted to read this series, but I'm glad you enjoyed it overall.
    As for Brooklyn, my friend Jo has been talking me into reading it for so long now, I think I'll finally have to do it. :)
    Lovely reviews, darling!

  6. It's a shame about Sever. You're not the first to mention the lack of believable details about the virus, which makes me less willing to continue with the series now. It's always frustrating when the final book is disappointing.

    Chasing Brooklyn was an impulse buy for me (I still can't remember why I bought it!), though I'm looking forward to reading it now. Great reviews, Eunice. :)

  7. I'm bummed about Sever Eunice! I absolutely adored Wither, I read it before the whole dystopian trend really took off so it was dark and different and I loved it. I didn't read book two because I read so many "meh" reviews for it, and I'm seeing the same with Sever. I was hoping Gabriel would be more developed too, that was my one wish for book one, so it's disappointing that he never really gets fleshed out. Thanks for your thoughts my friend!

  8. I haven't read The Chemical Garden series, but it does sound like a great series. I'm sorry to here that the ending wasn't as awesome as you expected it to be. :/ That must have been very disappointing.

    I've heard so much about Lisa Schroeder's writing style and I'm very curious about her books. It seems like you really enjoy her writing.
    I need to try one of her books one of these days.

    Fabulous reviews, Eunice!

  9. Amazing review :) Sigh. I did love Sever. But I also agree with you. I hated how little we see of Gabriel :( he was my favorite character of them all. And it wasn't fair that we got so little of him. I needed to see Rhine IN LOVE with him, the way he is in love with her. Think it's a bit unfair that we didn't get that :\ still. I did enjoy the book :) Thank you for your honest review, sweetie. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books


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