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Blog Tour: Mia's Heart by Courtney Cole (Review + Giveaway)

Title: Mia's Heart (Paradise #2)
Author: Courtney Cole
Publication: November 13th 2012
Publisher: Lakehouse Press
My name is Mia Giannis. I am seventeen years old. I live in Valese, Caberra.

This has become my mantra and my lifeline, having recently lost my memory due to a scary natural disaster.

Yeah. I have amnesia. Messed up, right? You don't know the half of it.

Not remembering anything has turned my world upside down. My parents try their hardest to “remind” me of who I was, but it doesn't feel right. Or, if what they're saying is true and that really was me, I'm not sure I like that person very much.

And then there’s my love life. Apparently, Gavin Ariastasis is my oldest and best friend in the world. Also, apparently, we’ve never dated. But now, noticing him for what feels like the first time, he’s making my heart do somersaults. He knows me inside and out—the real me. Plus, he’s sexy and charming as hell. Sounds perfect, right?

But then... there’s the new guy. Quinn McKeyen – tall, gorgeous and deliciously American. His mischievous grin and slow Midwestern drawl turn my insides to mush in two seconds flat making me question who I really am and what I really want.

Seriously. What am I supposed to do with all that?! I feel torn between them, but I barely even know who I am, let alone what I want.

I just hope my indecisive heart will clue me in. And sooner rather than later…before I lose what little of my mind that I have left.
Mia's Heart was a fun, quick and lovely read. Although it has two of the things I wouldn't want together in a book - amnesia and love triangle - I was surprised to find myself not at all really bothered by it and I actually sped through this! However, I had some slight issues with it that prevents me from really liking it. Still, I enjoyed most parts of it. 

Mia Giannis was a character I wasn't really sure about when I first read her. I liked the fierceness and the bad ass vibe about her but I'm not quite fond of her initial image before the amnesia. So when she lost her memories that had me pretty interested. I wanna see how this new Mia will turn out, I was fascinated by how she rediscovered her memories and found her true self.

Quinn MacKeyen and Gavin Ariastasis were the two love interest in this story. Now, love triangle isn't something I'm very fond of. As much as possible I avoid and steer clear of them however when I started this I didn't know this has one. Fortunately, the love triangle here wasn't the kind that is headache inducing. I admit that I'm a little sad because I was cheering the wrong team still I wasn't really devastated by it. Or maybe I was a little uncaring by it? 

Now with the boys, Gavin Ariastasis was a fun fun character! I liked him instantly. He was Mia's best friend. He's a character that is laid back, easy going and yes, cocky. Yet, there's something in him that tells he's a pretty deep character. Quinn MacKeyen, well, like Mia said he's "deliciously American". Despite his good looks he was a really humble character. He could be every girl's dream of a boyfriend. However, he was described too perfectly and well, that's just boring. I was looking for flaws, even tiny bits, but nothing, he was too good to be true. So in the end, I guess, I just grew pretty indifferent about him. 

I liked the story, but not like really like. Some parts I found quite shallow and the writing was a little more on telling that showing. Some things were handled lightly though I think they should be told with more depth. Nonetheless, despite the issues I had, I did enjoy most parts of this book. Almost all the characters were likable and I liked most was how the friendship between all of them grew. If you're looking for a light, fun and sweet read, you might want to check this out.

3 stars

Thanks to Courtney Cole and Kismet Book Touring for providing a review copy of this book.

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  1. Quinn's flawlessness irked me too. I liked Gavin's character, pretty much for the same reasons. Mia's growth was fantastic part of the story.
    Terrific review Eunice!

  2. I've been rather intrigued by this book and I think it's something I'd enjoy. I'm eager to read a book about amnesia! I'm so glad you like the love triangle and that the boys were fun!

    Fab review Eunice <3

  3. Aww this does sound like a fun read, sorry you didn't enjoy it as much as you'd hoped, but at least the love triangle didn't leave you with a headache! Another fab review Eunice! :)

  4. This sounds like a nice book. I really enjoyed your review. The cover to this book is pretty awesome too!
    Amnesia and a triangle?! Pretty cool :)
    I am a new follower to your blog & I like it a lot..

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  6. Amnesia and love triangles are both cliches I've read about often, but I'm glad you were fond enough of this book, Eunice! I'm not sure that with the flawed writing and shallowness I would read this book, although the cover is adorable and quite pretty. :) Thanks for the splendid review!

  7. I'm so sorry this didn't work out for you as well as you'd hoped, and I'm pretty sure it's not a book for me, what witl the love triangle at all (I despise those), but MY GOD, that cover is absolutely gorgeous! I want to frame it and hang it on my living room wall.
    Great review, Eunice!

  8. Hmm, when I looked at the synopsis I can't say I was excited by it and your review only strenghtened that; I think I'll have to give this one a pass. Still, I'm glad you did enjoy most parts. Wonderful review, E! :)

  9. Personally, I don't think this book would quite do it for me... but with that being said, I've never actually read a contemporary book where amnesia has played a big part! So I'm not entirely sure if it's my thing or not. :| However, I do like a good love triangle! As long as it's well-developed and everything though - if not then I would most likely get really frustrated! I'm also usually really one-sided and will love one boy but hate the other; which isn't a good thing if the character chooses the boy I don't like! :3
    Great review, thanks for sharing! I'm also a new follower! :D

    I'd love it if you could stop by my YA book blog, Booktastic Reviews if you have a chance. :) xx

  10. Such a bummer when you root for the romance that doesn't work out. Glad you to see you enjoyed this in spite of that. Wonderful review Eunice. :)


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