Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm finally and officially back! Yaaaay! :)

After being gone for a month and a half, I'm so happy to say that I'm finally and officially back on the blogging world. And boy, did I miss it so much! I never thought that it would take me this long to get back since at first the only problem was that my computer broke down, and when I finally got a new one another problem came up - my internet connection. *sigh* So you can imagine what my email looks like after all those weeks - it was a mess! Haha! But looking back I think it was actually a good time for me to have a hiatus because I doubt I would be able to blog daily with all the things that took place the last month, which was a lot. 

One was that I graduated! Ha. I got my degree in Bachelor of Science major in Tourism Management at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.! Eeeep!

One down on my check list of Top Things I Have to Accomplish in Life! Yay! Next thing to do - find a job. Haha. 

And then the next is that I had been part of the PR Team of Ms. Rochelle Romero for two awesome and cool events that took place last month.

The first one was the TW Steel Press Luncheon and Cocktail Party were I actually met the very young (he's only 31 yrs old!) and gorgeous CEO and co-founder of this Dutch watch brand - Jordy Cobelens. You know those stereotypical heroes in adult novel - those guys who were already able to accomplish a lot of things at a young age and were like the owner of their own company, has so many talents (yes, this one is a DJ too, isn't that hot? Ha!) and has to travel around the world the majority of time? I never actually quite believe they exist. Ha! But having met one definitely crashed that thought and I am definitely a big believer now. Haha. Here are some of the pictures during the event.

Anne, Me and Jac (PR Team Members)
Jordy Coblenes (CEO &co-founder) and Me
And the other event was the sneak peek preview and launch party of the first Cold Stone Creamery store in the Philippines! One of the best things of being a part of the PR team of this event was that I get to eat tons and tons of ice cream for free! Haha!

And last but not the least! 

I, of course, read tons of awesome books the whole month! Ha! Here are some of them:

I finished two trilogies - The Dairy Queen which is really fun and cute and Study which is quite amazing and Valek! He was just...*sigh*. Anyway, if you're wondering if I've only read Opal now, no. I was just in the mood re-reading it and have some Daemon time (although I did skip the ending. ha!) And yes, Spirit - I'm one of the participating blog for the tour but wasn't able to post a review during the week release because well, you know why. (I'm really sorry Wendy and Brigid, it will be the first review I'll be posting now that I'm back!)

So there you go. That's the summary of what I've done the post one and a half month. I have a lot of catching up to do but I'm definitely excited to be back and visit some of my favorite blogs and socialize with my favorite GR friends! I have missed you guys. Thanks to all those who keep on visiting this blog despite the lack of updates. 
See you guys around! :)


  1. Congrats on graduating Eunice!!!!! Whoohoo! Sounds like you had a fantastic mouth. Cold stone creamery- yum! always has my favorite chocolate ice cream cake. And free ice cream, sounds like a blast!

    I enjoyed spirit and I recently read Under the never sky too, both amazing books. Can't wait for Nick's book! And to read your spirit review! (I'm leaving to London this afternoon so I'll read it when i get home to my computer next week)

    Welcome back to blogging! Good luck finding a job. Your PR one appears fantastic! Love all the pics. I'm also surprised a young, smart and successful CEO exists.

  2. Woow, Congratulations on your Degree that's fantastic. You look so different in comparison to your Blogger Pic. Hehe... I bet your glad its over now and you can focus on reading and blogging. I know the feeling I have just graduated from college and I'm loving the spare time and freedom feeling! :)

    See you around, Eunice! :)

  3. Eeee, Eunice, this is amazing! I haven't been around, I'm still not completely back, but I just had to comment on this post. A massive, massive congrats on getting your degree and graduating, and those events look awesome! Eating loads of ice cream must have been a definite plus. For free! ;) I'll be back fully in a little while, I just have to get my exams over, and then you'll be seeing me around. Welcome back, girl! :) <333

  4. Eunice! Congratulations of graduating! That must be so exciting for you! :)
    I'm sort of jealous of you getting to eat ice cream for free! How fun does that sound?

    And a 31 year old CEO? :O
    I'm impressed! Plus, he's very good looking! ;) *sigh* I guess there are perfect people out there!

    Excited to read more reviews from you, Eunice! Even I took a mini blogging break and it was really relaxing!

  5. Welcome back & congrats on graduating! I love the study trilogy..or should I say series since the author announced that she's planning on writing three more books! :D I also adore UTNS and TTEN, two of my fave books! ^^

  6. Eep, congrats on your degree, Eunice! And I'm so glad to see you back. It looks like you've been reading a TON of amazing books. I LOVED Meant To Be so hard, so I'm really keen to see what you thought of that one. :) Hope to see your posts more often. <3

  7. Yay Eunice it's so great to see you back to blogging! I'm sorry you were away for so long, but it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Congratulations on graduating, you look absolutely stunning in your photos! And yay for devouring the Dairy Queen series, wasn't it just the best! I look forward to reading all your reviews! :)

  8. Looks like you got a lot accomplished in the time off, Eunice! Congratulations on graduating! I love all these photos and the fact that you met a real-life comparison to some of our book boyfriends! Lol! It looks like you had a great time and you look so pretty in your photos! I loved Under the Never Sky and Through the Ever Night so I'm so happy you got to read them. :)

  9. You're from PUP too, what a small world I'm from there too but I graduated way back (mga '07 pa). Congrats on everything & God bless! <3

    - Mitchii

  10. Congrats on your degree, Eunice! I'm so happy for you! And hiatuses are always a good thing, especially if you need them. And what wonderful events you attended - I would love to eat lots and lots of ice cream all day! Plus you read some awesome books while you were away - I'm curious to hear your thoughts about Dizzy!

  11. Welcome back, sweetheart, and congratulations! We've missed you, but you had fun and did something great, at least. :)
    it's so good to have you back!


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